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WeatherSafe Coffee Core Edition is a mobile application that operates on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms as well as on previous handset mobile phone legacy. The WeatherSafe FE App acts as the delivery system for the farming intelligence provided by the unique WeatherSafe predictive models. It provides up-to-date, highly targeted and critical information and recommendations straight in the hands of the coffee farmers.

  • Micro-localised weather forecast: provides simple but highly accurate daily weather forecast with advice on timing of farming operations

  • Targeted early warnings: provides timely early warnings to alert the farmers on the likelihood of threatening weather events, pests and diseases outbreak.

  • Real-time coffee price: continuous update and account of the national cherries gate price.

  • Coffee pests and diseases library: provides up-to-date intuitive catalogue where to chose and select recognised pests and diseases back to the main platform

  • Multiple Communication tools: VOIP, calls, messages functionalities to be directly in contact with Coops, Coffee Washing Stations, Government extension services operators and agronomists even if remotely located 

Targeted Farming and Operations Management Recommendations:

  • Short-term Farm Planner: delivers day-to-day recommendations and best farming and management daily practices

  • Long-term Farm Planner: delivers recommendations for the entire harvesting season, including optimal level of fertilizer and pesticides to stock, optimal number of man hours required and more.

  • Logistics optimizer: provides recommendations to solve daily and seasonal logistics issues, including locate the optimal coffee washing station collection point based on price offered, local plant nurseries, farming inputs distributors, pesticides shops and more


  • Support the transformation from subsistence farming to professional, highly profitable and sustainable business

  • Protect plants’ health, improve coffee quality and increase crop yields

  • Optimize use of resources by improving farming and management operations efficiency

  • Save money and time by providing up-to-date intelligence on weather and other environmental events that affect the coffee production

  • Improve access to credit by improving the collateral and protecting the farmers’

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